SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems

SAP HANA with the right infrastructure lets your business grow as you go with the reliability, flexibility, and performance your data demands.
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Choose the right server infrastructure for SAP HANA

Organizations implement SAP HANA to learn more from their data. It is critical to choose a server infrastructure that can easily adapt while providing the scalability and reliability required by SAP applications.
SAP HANA infrastructure scales using a scale up or a scale-out approach. It is critical to evaluate the memory scalability in scale up and scale out approaches. Businesses should consider granular capacity allocations, performance per core and sharing processor capacity provided by the infrastructure to keep costs in check. 


How does IBM® Power Systems simplify and accelerate SAP HANA deployments?
IBM Power Systems specializes in mission-critical workloads like SAP HANA.  Power Systems™ simplifies and accelerates SAP HANA deployments by providing faster provisioning, affordable scaling, and greater uptime. 



Simplify with SAP deployments

IBM Power Systems can simplify your IT infrastructure by enabling consolidation of up to 16 production SAP HANA databases in a single E980 server along with other associated or complementary workloads. This can reduce the server footprint network complexity.
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